When your customers are just inputting contact info (home phone, mobile phone or e-mail) . . . 

Match on land line, cell phone number, or e-mail.

Due to the precise nature of contact information, Fetch will match on either land line, mobile phone number or email.  If you have all three or a combination of, the waterfall logic provides the best match if you pass the landline first, then cell phone and try email last.  Omit all dashes you may have for the phone number.  Ex: 402-123-1234 should post to us as 4021231234.

Where available . . .

  • Adults above 18
  • Up to 2 landlines
  • Up to 5 cell phones tied to the address
  • Email addresses tied to the address
  • Tax assessor home value
  • Purchase date and amount
  • Square footage
  • Birth dates
  • Vehicles tied to the household